Pennsylvania Academy of Masonic Knowledge

Pennsylvania Academy of Masonic Knowledge

Pennsylvania Academy of Masonic Knowledge

Meetings of The Academy of Knowledge


The Spring session of the Academy of Masonic Knowledge will be held on Saturday, March 19, 2011, in the Deike Auditorium of the Masonic Cultural Center on the campus of Masonic Village in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania. Registration will open at 8:30 AM with the program beginning at 9:30 AM. A lunch (voluntary contribution) will be served at noon and the program will be completed by 3:00 PM. All Masons are welcome to attend. Dress is coat and tie.

The speakers for the March meeting of the Academy will be:

  • Ms. Carolyn Bain, President of Bain-Pugh Consultants. Ms. Bain is an academic researcher and served on the Masonic Information Center’s Task Force to address the need for Masonic Public Awareness. This Task Force wrote the report It’s About Time! Moving Masonry Into the 21 st Century, and initiated the Twain Award Program.Visit the web site at .
  • Brother Dr. Theodore W. Schick, Jr. who will speak on Philosophical Roots of Freemasonry. Brother Schick has published numerous books on philosophy, including: How to Think About Weird Things, Doing Philosophy, and numerous articles, one being Philosophy and Led Zeppelin.

The great objective in Freemasonry is to gain useful knowledge, and the Academy provides a great opportunity for the Brethren to learn and to understand more about the significance of the Craft. Plan to attend and bring a Brother or two along with you.

Pre-registration is required . To pre-register simply E-mail Brother Jim Standish at with your name, address, Lodge number, telephone number, and email address , or, send this same information to Brother Jim Standish at: 1 Pierce Court, Glen Mills, PA 19342-1787.

If you pre-register and subsequently determine that you will be unable to attend, please notify Brother Standish so that he can adjust the luncheon count.

We look forward to seeing you on the 19th.

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